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Not being able to fall asleep can be extremely annoying. You lay in bed and all you can think about is when exactly you’re going to fall asleep. That, and/or you just can’t stop thinking in general! For some reason, our minds first choice of activity when about to rest always seems to be words. For those that don’t like to read, this is rather ironic.A great way to get past “talking to yourself“, is to think in pictures instead of words. You can imagine yourself flying, on a beach, anything. This has proven to help people fall asleep faster.As mentioned in the previous post, there are certain things you should avoid before falling asleep.In summary they are:Do not eat a few hours before sleeping. This creates energy in your body. This rings true especially with sugar and/or carb rich foods.Do not exercise a few hours before sleeping. This gets your blood pumping faster and creates energy.Do not drink much water within a few hours of sleeping. The last thing you want is to have to go to the bathroom just as your about to fall asleep, or wake up right after.Make sure the lighting is not to bright, and the room is not too cold.Another great way on how to fall asleep faster is to take a hot bath right before you are about to go to bed. Our bodies are hardwired into being awake during the day, and sleep during the night. So, taking a bath simulates a drop in body temperature, which sounds the alarm that it’s time to fall asleep. Yes, your body temperature will rise while bathing but that’s the point (it drops after the fact). This was recommended to me by a sleep specialist and works great.

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