Mattress Buying Advice

Ok. Let’s talk a little bit about saving some money. Here’s an important piece of advice. You should always take a notebook with you when you go shopping for a bed. And you should always make notes on every bed you like.

They don’t have to be detailed notes. But you need to remember what you liked and what the price was. So just keep notes of the make, model, price, and where you saw every bed you’re considering. And don’t write it all down in the car after you leave the store. Take the notebook into the store with you and write in it while you’re there. Sometimes you’ll forget what you saw by the time you leave the store.

It sounds as if I’m expecting you to visit a bunch of different stores in order to buy a bed. Oh yes, I am. And you’ll see just why that’s important shortly.

One last thing here before you learn everything you need to know to save money on a folding mattress. What you’re about to read in the next paragraph is HUGE. Don’t think of it as advice. Think of it as a rule. And don’t break it.

It’s critical that you’re not confrontational with any of the salesmen you deal with. You need to make sure you don’t develop an adversarial relationship with them. To put it more simply, you want them to feel that you’re open to everything they say. Convince them that you want to work with them, not against them.

Don’t ever let them know that you’re working them while they’re working you. Once they think that you’re playing them, you’ll have a much harder time getting a good deal. So make them believe you’re working together. This should be easy, because you are. You’re trying to find a price that will make both of you happy. So play nice.


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