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As everyone taking part in this game you can design your personal snake in, we have to download mods from google chrome store or which includes tampermonkey and chrome webstore types.

Second, you have to disable all the add-ons in After setting up the slitherplus mods.You will see the create or change type of skin button below the screen on the left after working the mods.In addition, in the type of graphics settings need properly to be optimized to work.

You will notice 3 choices that are Change slither io skins (W key), Skin Rotator, Create Your slither io Skins.We describe them briefly.Change Skins (W essential) displays skins which are pre-prepared in the mod.Skin Rotator units the speed of switch skins in the mod.In addition, don’t forget to tick Switch Skins.Create Your slither io Skins can help you creating custom skins relating the your wishes.

We click Create Your Skins button and opening the snake settings part then.In this section, you can transform the snake colors by simply clicking the color box.If you would like to boost the number of colours on the snake, you might click add color stop button.You can truly add up just how much color you want.Cell figures adjust the colour range on the snake.We recommend 7 cells because shades look better usually.


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